Small Grade 1-5 Agility Dog Vegas Qualifier supported by Show Offs Rosettes


The “Dog Vegas Qualifier” is a competition for Medium dogs, eligible for Grades 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.

There are 10 qualifying heats. The top 3 dogs from each heat (top 2 if the heat is split into 2 parts), will qualify for The Dog Vegas Final comprising of approx.30 dogs at a Dog Vegas show in 2020. In the final prize money of £100 will be awarded between the top 3 places dogs & handlers, 1st- £70, 2nd-£20, 3rd-£10, The winner will also receive a trophy & money off vouchers for future Dog Vegas shows.

  1.  Jump heights will be set at 350mm heights until Jan 1st 2020 when jump height will be set at 300mm for the qualifier.
  2. This class must be judged under the appropriate Kennel Club Rules in force at the time of the competition.
  3. If the entry for a heat exceeds the KC limit for a judge in a day then the class will be equally and randomly split and another judge appointed for the second part.
  4. All competitors entering the class will be deemed to have agreed to abide by the rules of the Kennel Club and the specific regulations governing this class.
  5. The competition is open to Kennel Club registered dogs eligible to compete at Small Height Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5.
  6. Handlers may enter more than one dog in the competition and may qualify more than one dog for the final event.
  7. Once a dog has qualified for the final it may enter further heats, as long as it is still eligible for Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5. Handlers who have already qualified their dog for the final must report this fact to the appropriate Show Secretary before running in the class. If the already qualified dog then qualifies again, the place will be awarded to the highest placed unqualified dog.
  8. The first three dogs from the heat will be invited to compete in the final. The next three dogs will be held as reserves. If the class is split the top two dogs from each part will be invited to compete in the final. The next top two in each part will be held as reserves.
  9. In the event of a dog being unable to compete in the final due to unavailability, illness or injury the reserves from that heat will be called up in numerical order.
  10. In the event of a handler being unable to compete in the final due to illness or injury a substitute handler for the qualifying dog will be allowed to run the dog, providing the substitute handler is still eligible for Grade 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5.


Date Heat Results
June - July Dog Vegas, Thetford
July Derbyshire
August Dog Vegas
September North Derbyshire
September TAG
October Dog Vegas Ramsey
December Wyre
April Agility Nuts  
May Nottingham  
July Dog Vegas Finals  

About Dog Vegas

Dog Vegas was established in 2006, operating independent winter shows and KC shows under licenses borrowed from North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club. In 2011, Dog Vegas became a KC Listed Status club. They now run roughly 15 shows per year at different venues across England and offer qualifiers at other KC shows for their annual finals show held at Matlock in July each year.

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Shows closing soon

The following shows all close within the next 15 days:

Dog Vegas July Finals Show - CANCELLED
    Closes July 17th

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