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Dog Vegas – where did it all begin??? Back in 2005, after we had a post-show meeting for the North Derbyshire Dog Agility Festival, it was decided that no-one wanted to take on running another KC show, but it was evident that there was a lack of KC shows in the area. With the imminent rising costs of diesel, entries, etc. most of the club members really only went to a couple of shows a year, but wanted to do more. After a night out, and a couple of drinks, it seemed like a good idea to take on running an extra show ourselves. We approached the North Derbyshire committee to see if they were happy to provide the license and support us at the show, to enable us to provide a close show for the members to compete at. It was a resounding yes! The club was happy to help run the show without any of the post or pre show work – Dog Vegas was born!

We decided that we would do the August Bank Holiday weekend 2006, in the hope that we would have a good chance of good weather. It turned out to be a good move as we had glorious sunshine (dare I say it – it was almost too hot).

We decided that the aim for the show was to create a friendly, relaxed and professional atmosphere. I believe that was what we managed to create.

Apart from being let down at the last minute by the catering van, the show was a huge success, the feedback we got was very humbling.

We were all exhausted, but really enjoyed it and we were on such a high afterwards, that we quickly decided to do two shows the following year. Due to pressure from competitors, we have gradually added more shows each year, at different venues, even venturing out of our area to Thetford – we have also been asked to run shows as far away as Kent! Unfortunately, this is just too far for our team to travel and still get back to work for Monday morning. We have gained a loyal band of competitors that come to all of our shows and we constantly welcome new faces at every show.

After the positive feedback we had from organising the First Contact Grade 1 and 2 competition, and competitors requesting that we extended this to other grades, we decided now it was time to organise and co-sponsor several other qualifying competitions and finals – we believe it is important to provide these competitions to help improve the sport and agility experience for all competitors. These take a great deal of time and money to put on, but this is our way of putting something else back into the sport because the finals create a great atmosphere, experience and entertainment for competitors and spectators alike.

We currently organise the following competitions, with a view to expand in the future to cover the grades and heights that we don’t currently do.

  • Dog Vegas/First Contact grade 6 large competition
  • Dog Vegas/Paws Trading grade 3– 5 large competition
  • Dog Vegas/Show Offs grade 1 – 5 small/medium competition
  • Dog Vegas/First Place Processing grade 1-3 large competition
  • Dog Vegas/Longhedge Show Processing large ABC competition

We have had a few lows, (poor weather – remember the snowman judges?) and many, many high’s (for those who were at the May week show, remember the side splitting power and pedal?? or the 5 year olds birthday party that went on till 2am?? (Let’s not mention the pole dancing)) Rounder’s, many finals, quizzes, Karaoke, communal take-away’s/BBQ’s and don’t forget the agility, the list is endless.

The North Derbyshire members, judges, helpers and competitors are all fantastic – we are so lucky to have such a great team behind us, making everything run like clockwork.

David Bew – Show Manager/Organiser

Founder and owner of First Contact Agility, I have competed in agility from 1998 to 2006 with two Working Sheep Dogs George and Mac and a Dacshund x collie x terrier – Copper.

Hazel Bew – Show Manager/Treasurer/Organiser

Founder and owner of First Contact Agility, I have competed in agility since 1998, with a variety of dogs. I have been semi-retired from competing since 2005 after having 2 kids and a long term knee injury, but back in training now to have some fun, with my young dogs.

Karen Hugo - Show Secretary

Hi I'm Karen Hugo and I'm currently the Dog Vegas show secretary.

I started competing in Agility August 2009 with my Rough Collies and now also compete with a sheltie. 

I joined Dog Vegas as a team members Easter 2013 which allowed me to compete at more shows due to the benefits membership attracts.

In September 2013, I began working for DV on a part time basis helping to pull the shows together and harassing judges to judge for us. Over the next few years I became more involved in the running of the shows and in May 2016 I was asked by David and Hazel to take on the full time role of Show Secretary as well as pulling the shows together. 

I now spend more time living in my caravan than my home attending the ever increasing number of DV shows. 

Being in the enviable position of having your hobby as your work is a fantastic position to be in, even with the long hours of the shows and evening role of part time bingo caller and dolly dealer in play your cards right, on our entertainment nights.

I look forward to meeting you all and hope you enjoy the shows, if there's anything we can improve on, please let me know as we are always looking to improve the enjoyment for the competitors. 

About Dog Vegas

Dog Vegas was established in 2006, operating independent winter shows and KC shows under licenses borrowed from North Derbyshire Dog Agility Club. In 2011, Dog Vegas became a KC Listed Status club. They now run roughly 15 shows per year at different venues across England and offer qualifiers at other KC shows for their annual finals show held at Matlock in July each year.

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Dog Vegas July Finals Show - CANCELLED
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